Village Fire 2nd Saturdays starts January 9, 2016

Village Fire

BoBOP R and R and D – back to the basics and back in 2016

how-to-draw-flames07Monthly fires at our community cob oven– fire goes all day and provides the perfect temperatures for casseroles, pizzas, whole meats, and bread throughout the day.  Folks playing music, sharing stories and gathering around the flames that sustain us.  First fire in the new year.  Come join us.

October 27, 2015 – Ramen Shop Prototype

IMG_3972Jeff Warrin has been dreaming quite a bit about pop up Ramen in Bolinas.   This was a very special  BoBoP as Jeff, with the help of Perry Shimon as sous chef and Vera Louie and StuArt Chapman as trusted choppers, realized a delicious ramen bowl.  Let this be the first of many such Ramen Shop nights in downtown Bolinas.

IMG_3975What you do not see in these pictures is the secret garden where the 25 BoBOP folks gathered to savor the ramen.  Thanks to Matt and Janice Yerrington for opening up their space and creating a magical setting for us.

We were also treated to a delicious salad made by Molly McGuire and her sons Apollo and Johnny, tossed with an incredible ginger dressing crafted by Vera Louie.  And last but not least Cadance Lynam took on the challenge to create a Vegan Pumpkin Custard and we all scored with her success.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this an amazing and delicious feast.  And an extra special thanks to the folks who helped set up and clean up:  the Yerringtons, Ananda Brady, Brett Poirer, Asia Wong, Jeff Warrin and Perry Shimon.

IMG_3979photo credit:  Vera Louie

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 27th, 5PM Downtown Park Pizza

fireThat’s right.  We are downtown this September celebrating our 2nd anniversary as a dinner share.  All are welcome.  $5 for pizza and salad.  As always bring your own plate, utensils, your drink of choice and a vessel to drink from if necessary.

August 2015 – Summer Vacation for BoBOP

FullSizeRender-1First Berry Pie of the Season

Mexican fiesta of goodness enjoyed July 2015

The food was so good, the company marvelous, no one remembered to take a photo to document the fantastic night at the edge of Bolinas.

We enjoyed Mirtha’s fantastic cooking, each other, the dramatic skies, and the welcoming comfort of our hosts:  Jennifer, Adolfo, Michelle, and Marla.

Special thanks to everyone who took part in making dinner:  Mirtha’s gifts with food are wondrous as her pulled pork tacos made with lovingly raised pigs and hand made tacos were proof.  Rosie was by Mirtha’s side all day stirring, chopping, laughing as she helped with the rice and beans.  Jennifer created a delectable salad and perfect guacamole. Adolfo magically whipped up the ceviche in moments.  It was an efficient, joyous kitchen for sure.

Thanks to all who attended and made the night memorable.

An image from this past month’s lottery system. IMG_1070


June 2015 – A little vacation and sun festival celebrating


May BoBOP feeds the town chili at the community center


Meg twirls bo tierra salad in sheet, sprinkling passersby in freebox plaza: perhaps a rain making ceremony unbeknownst to us? FullSizeRender-1

This past Sunday, May 31st, just after the incredible town meeting hosted by BoCAN, BCLT and Mark Butler, BoBOP served chili, cornbread, salad and cookies to around 100 people.  A special shout out to the super wonderful crew in the kitchen who chopped, stirred, spiced, baked, invented, sauteed, storytold, and laughed throughout the day:  Meg, Stephanie, Cadance, Tina, Netta and Melinda; and John, who has a way of picking just the right goodness from Bo Tierra for us.  Thank you to the servers:  Peter, Sera, Emily, and Netta; and to Diane who collected money and doled out bowls when needed.  Thank you Mimi for blessing our food and our gathering.  Double extra thanks to the nice folks who tossed in some extra money at the end to cover our costs.  Thanks to everyone for your help cleaning up and special thanks to to our community center who generously opened our splendid kitchen and hall to us.

When we host dinners at the community center our goal is to feed everyone a delicious, semi-local and all organic meal for $5- just the right amount to cover the cost of the ingredients, which came to $507 on Sunday.


April 2015 – Another Fine Night at the ‘Shroom

Vaness and Otis

Vanessa and Otis

Tom,Sally and Joan-1

Tom, Sally and Joan

About 30 BoBOP folks gathered at the Mushroom House on Monday, April 20, thanks to Brett Poirier’s generosity in opening the doors to his incredible home, to enjoy our communal gathering and some tasty sangria and food made by Leo Seiler.  Leo was a bit late with the vittles but Brett came through with some delicious popcorn and folks enjoyed the time to dig in to conversations more deeply.  After popcorn we had a quinoa salad with mangos, guacamole and chips, followed a bit later by some chicken fajitas.  Mimi Calpestri led us in a prayer of thanks for the night’s food and our coming together to share the food.  Between courses folks enjoyed the warmth of the conversations and the chiminea out on the patio.  If anyone had room in their bellies, Leo offered up oodles of ice cream and sweet fried corn fritters dusted with cinnamon.

March 2015 BoBOP– as healthy and delicious as can be


photo 2-1

We were hosted at the continually transforming and absolutely cozy home of Don Smith and Jane Mickelson.  Don and Jane opened their home early in the day to the chefs of the month– Perry Shimon and Rebekah Cantor, who made the most amazingly simple and inspiring macrobiotic bowl which included California-grown rice, beans, greens, avocados, nuts, radishes, sprouts, and squash.  It was topped with raita or tahini or both.  Stephanie Hilborn was an instrumental part of the team as well, making multiple sauerkrauts from spicy to lemony to traditional.  These krauts added just the right zing to the bowls.  And if that was not enough Stephanie also made two gigantic vegan cheesecakes– one with passion fruit and the other with blueberries.  There was plenty for each of us to have both and still folks were clamoring for more.  There were little babies, farmers, world renowned musicians, artists, writers, singers, radio hosts, and more all enjoying the warmth of the food and each other.  It was another fine meal and once again we ate so well for just $10.   Special thanks for all who stayed and helped to clean up including the official clean up team of Anne Vrolyk and Diana Alstad.

February 2015 BoBOP full of love at the Community Center

Sylvan and BeansOne of the youngest members of BoBOP inspects the beans for the evening’s meal

Another fine night we had at the community center.   Our large cozy dinners at the community center could become a wintertime standard.

markmegmelindaanandaMelinda, Mark, Meg and Ananda take a moment to pose while dressing polenta pizza

After the beans were deemed ready for seasoning the BoBOP cooking crew assembled at the community center kitchen around 1PM and began to prepare savory beans, various versions of polenta pie and pizza as well as large fresh salad and thumbprint cookies that were really in the shape of a fried egg.  Ananda Brady took the lead on Polenta Pizza while Melinda Stone orchestrated a creamy polenta casserole.  Both dishes featured fresh as can be green sauce made by Melinda. Meg Simonds and Mark Butler were chopping wizards who went to town on the bunches and bunches of young garlic and spring onions that were sauteed up to flavor the beans and all the polenta dishes.  Stephanie Hillborn brought her expertise in vegan cooking to the kitchen and provided us with fresh hemp milk  and homemade vegan cheese for the creamy polenta, as well as a delicious salad dressing.   StuArt Chapman became the official bean taster adding just the right amount of everything to make the beans (both veggie and meat) the perfect savoryness.  Stuart was also the compost middle man, always knowing exactly when Meg and Mark needed him to deliver the compost to the bin.  Wilma Kay came in just at the right time to help with carrots, grating some for the salad, while Mark and Meg chopped the rest, roasting them for the polenta casserole.  Wilma also helped Zoe Dering make the fabulous vegan thumbprint cookies with dates.  They really did look like fried eggs, but contained no eggs and were indeed some of the best vegan cookies ever.  Special thanks to Zach Fuller and his girlfriend Selena for setting up the tables and chairs and making the hall cozy.

stephanie in community kitchenStephanie admires polenta pizza while putting the final touches on the salad dressing

All of the vegetables for the night came from Star Route Farm.  Thanks to Annabelle for letting us place our order after the official deadline.  It won’t happen again.

Our goal was to serve 75 people a delicious organic and local-as-possible dinner, complete with dessert for $5.  We did it, with $10 to spare, which we gave to the community center because we love the BCC so much.  Thanks you guys.

Before and during much of the dinner we were treated to the musical stylings of Doug Lee and Ananda, with a couple cameos by Cadance Lynam.

After the fabulous dinner Mark Butler, Don Smith, Brett Poirier, Emmanuelle Waubant and her husband Peter made quick work of cleaning up and putting the center back to order.  Thanks to you all for helping out.

Next month we will be back to our peripatetic ways and will send a note to the group alerting them to where and when by first week of March.  Stay tuned.

STONE SOUP feed us all in soooo many ways

bobopjanuary2015Super cozy night of delicious soup and wonderful community– we did it together at our Bolinas Community Center.

Thank you to everyone who made our stone soup and desert night a tremendous success and extra special thanks to the folks who brought goodies from their pantry and garden to put in the soup and desert.  We had a great team in the kitchen who took the special stones found by Ananda Brady and spiced them up with the roots and greens they chopped.  A gigantic salad was also created in the kitchen, bread was sliced, and desert was lovingly made.  Meg Simonds, Vera Louie, Mark Butler, Matt Yerrington, Janice Yerrington, Zoe Dering, Ilonka Wloch and Melinda Stone not only made dinner for 75 they had a good time doing it.

We also had help making the community center feel like home – the young Yerringtons made a beautiful roaring fire and created a unique spiral-like table design complete with tablecloths, Ananda Brady and Doug Lee played jazz, Micah brought flowers, Joan Lamphier arranged them and Jeff Warrin dialed in the lights just so.

The night was an experiment.  After a year of dinners in different people’s homes in Bolinas, we decided to open it up a bit to ensure that no one would be turned away and the community center said yes to hosting us. Given this is the time of year when the larder is the most bare, I thought it would be interesting to see if we could make a stone soup together.  Folks brought kale, lemons and root vegetables from their gardens and we supplemented from Star Route and Gospel Flat.  We also stopped by the General Store for some meat, partook of olive oil and other essentials at the People’s Store and ordered lots of bread from Brickmaiden.  Because of the generosity of the community we spent only $250, which allowed us to charge only $5 for the dinner.  We knew 50 folks were coming for sure, so when 75 showed up, we gave the extra money collected to the community center.

And the thanks conclude with a big thank you to the clean up crew– Ilonk Wloch, Brett Poirier, Katie Weber and Blair.


January 2015 – Stone Soup Party at the Community Center

Mark your calendars – BoBOP at Bolinas Community Center January 18.

stone soup

More information forthcoming.

December 2014 – Paella in Downtown Bolinas

On December 9, forty BoBOP folks gathered at 11 Wharf Road, the downtown establishment of Tom Higgins, and were treated to a fine Spanish meal prepared by Doug Lee and Nuria Martinez, assisted by the ever-willing Jeff Warrin.  Doug and Nuria provided delicious hors d’oevres including manchego cheese, olives, sliced salami, and bread. This was accompanied by freshly found and sautéed porcini mushrooms that Brett shared with us.  Folks brought lots of wine and by 6:15 the place was abuzz with laughter, conversation and cheer.  Out back, Doug, Nuria and Jeff were stirring the main attraction of the night, seafood and chicken paella, with one of the biggest spoons I have ever witnessed, in one of the biggest paella pans I have ever seen.

 IMG_5326Nuria stirring onions, peppers, garlic and spices

IMG_4158Paella crew, Jeff, Nuria and Doug, proudly holding the largest spoon in Bolinas and surveying the beauty they created.

Back inside, salad mavens Vera and Meg, were putting the finishing touches on the Bolinas-bounty salad for the night, and folks were happily awaiting the paella which arrived with panache.


The flavors of Spain were alive that night.

Special thanks to Tom for hosting, Doug, Nuria and Jeff for mastering the paella, Vera and Meg for the salad, Brett for the foraged mushrooms, and Don, Mark and Ananda for helping to clean up afterwards.

Another fine BoBOP.

October 2014 – Wunderbar German Food

Victoria and Sven Maier treated us to a remarkable German feast, which included:  Pretzeln mit senf (pretzels with mustard), Reihnischer Sauerbraten (braised beef aged marinated in red wine, vinegar, and spices with gravy), Rotkraut (red cabbage), Kartoffln Kloesse (potato dumplings), Gurken salat (cucumber salad), Marzipan Plaezchen (marzipan cookies) and Kirschwasser Schnapps (cherrywater schnapps).  The meal was just the right mix of that warm-your-belly goodness that we need to prepare us for the winter months.  We decided to serve a 30 person meal and Sven and Victoria were given a $300 budget to ensure a no-more-than $10/plate donation.  They delivered with style, panache and deliciousness.

 Danke schoen Victoria and Sven.

bobopoct14It was a full house.  Thanks Sylvan, Jeff and Melinda for hosting.

Ananda Brady and Doug Lee played some great jazz on the piano and stand up bass; and after dinner there was some fine singing accompaniment by Martine Algier and Cadance Lynam.  Special thanks to Susy Mills, Vera and Bill Braasch for the use of your crockpots and to Joan Lamphier for her magical way with the dishes.  Another delightful night.

September 22, 2014 – Magical Fall Equinox BoBOP

IMG_7276This special dinner took place at the homestead of Mark, Meg, Jeff, Vanessa and baby Otis– they grew all the food, processed it (corn was ground and beans were dried), and cooked it for us with love and dedication one could taste.

IMG_7281We ate around a fire pit surrounded by the abundance– the abundance of the last sunset of the summer season, the abundance of our community and of course the abundance of the garden. Dinner included heirloom tomato salad, cucumber, dill and yogurt delight, green salad, home-grown and ground polenta, and scarlet runner beans that we all could not stop talking about or eating for that matter.  And of course, the delectable fresh apple crisp with loads of vanilla ice cream… 

The cost of the ingredients to supplement the garden harvest came to $104.  If we divided that amongst the 30 attendees the cost of the dinner would have been around $3/each.  We decided instead to have each person pay between $5-10, with the proceeds going towards the homestead.  At the end of the night, $240 was collected from those assembled.  May the homesteaders buy seeds, garden implements or have a massage or two…

This night was dreamy and very special.  Thanks to Mark, Meg, Vanessa, Jeff and baby Otis.



August 2014 – Local flavors, Hometown chefs

On August 25, 30 BoBOPers assembled at the ultra cozy abode of Melinda McComb for some tasty locally grown grub.  The food was prepared by the stellar team of Melinda, Melinda, Micah and Ananda.  The menu included pesto polenta pie filled with vegetables and cheese, steamed vegetables, rice, a truly amazing almond sauce, and a gorgeous and tasty green salad.  For dessert we were treated to Melinda McComb hand-picked blackberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream.  It was a magical night.  The cost of the dinner was $225 and we collected $240.  This means the kitty has about $60.
BOBBOPAugust2014Casual hanging out after dinner

August BoBOP happening on August 25 – RSVP now.

July 2014 – BoBOP on Vacation


June BoBOP was kvasstic

photo-2Thanks to Kaitlyn Smith and Sean Hellfritsch BoBOP folks were treated to a super hearty bone broth based, cocounut, ginger soup infused with immunity boosting herbs, like reishi, astragalus, and oregon grape root; fresh as can be wood fired oven baked rye bread with heaping loads of butter; kvass (a fermented beet drink that helps digestion and tastes good too); and pudding like muffins made from bananas, dates, coconut/almond flour, topped with the first blackberries of the season and served with love.

BoBOP folks gathered at the oldest house in Bolinas and shared this delicious meal along with great stories– tales of the future and wonderful yarns from the past.  More great connections were forged.

Kaitlyn, Sean, Sylvan and muffins

June BoBOP on June 23, 2014

sign up now, super tasty food and cozy home are in the works.

May 2014 – Back at Mushroom House with Eddie

The Mushroom House and Brett hosted BoBOP for a 2nd time as Brett’s good friend and retired restauranter, Eddie, was visiting from the East Coast and really wanted to cook for us.


Eddie making some roux

“Why not?” we proclaimed, and thus another fine evening of food and folk was experienced at the fabulous mushroom abode. Eddie served up a fantastically tasty turnip curry, niman ranch beef chili, cabbage and carrot salad that was out of this world full of flavor, rice and salad. To finish off the night Brett offered up various flavors of ice cream topped with strawberries. The cost of the dinner was $250 and the 25 folks in attendance each pitched in $10. Thanks Eddie for bringing your special gifts to BoBOP.


Dig in and enjoy



Thanks Brett for hosting yet again. And thanks for Erika for volunteering to help Eddie in the kitchen.

May 2014 BoBOP is Monday, the 19th

April 2014 BoBOP

This month we were hosted by Anne Vrolyk up on the Mesa overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It was a beautiful night with divine lamb stew made by Anne’s good friend Mike, a professional chef and director of Toast.  Woo wee, if that was not enough of a treat, Anne surprised us all with a perfectly creamy panna cotta to finish out the night of pure heavenly mouth watering goodness.  There were 30 folks in attendance and the cost of dinner split between us all was $10 each.  Special Thanks to Don and Joan for helping clean up in the kitchen and to Serita for prepping with Mike and Anne.

Check out this video documentary of that night by Ellie and Elora:

This is Just One BoBoP from BoBOP on Vimeo.

April 2014 BoBOP is Monday, April 28 @ 7PM

March 2014 BoBOP was springtuous

photo 1We may not have eaten mushrooms as part of the meal but we ate inside of one.    Our host, Brett Poirier, opened up the doors to the famed mushroom house to 30 BoBOPPers on March 24 and all relished the special spot while enjoying a super springtime meal created by Juliette Delventhal.  Juliette, assisted by Pawel Kruk and Scott Hannan, brought together springtime’s bounty in these outstanding dishes:  Asparagus, English Peas, Mint and Parmesan Risotto, Baked Ricotta with Wild Nettles and Green Garlic, Roasted Carrots and Artichokes with Salsa Verde and robust salad greens with dill and radishes.  Scott topped off the night with Buckwheat chocolate cookies with a lemon cream dolop .  Yum.  The cost of the meal was $206 and $250 was donated from guests.  That brings the collective kitty to $80.  What do we want to do with this surplus?

photo 2

Inside the Mushroom House

Some guests enjoy a musical moment before dinner is served.

March 2014 BoBOP is Monday the 24th at 7PM

Please RSVP to

IMG_1367There may be mushrooms….

February 24, 2014 BoBOP was delish

20140225_0433Our February 2014 chef, Zoe Dering, buttering up the camera.

Another fine evening was enjoyed by all 27 BoBOPers who came to share a delectable meal prepared by Zoe Dering and her trusted sous chefs, Miles and Chris.  Not only were we treated to creamy polenta with a hearty, vegetable-plenty ragu, toasted millet and garbanzo bean goodness, and massaged kale salad,  Zoe pulled out all the stops and baked a delectable pear upside down cardamom cake, presented to Jeff Manson as a birthday treat.


After dessert a hootenanny was had upstairs.

photo(5)all photos in this post (except this one, where he is featured singing and strumming) courtesy of Chris Miller

February Dinner happening on the 24th

Sign up now for the February BoBOP.  Surprise meal being sculpted out of seasonal ingredients.

Once you RSVP you will receive directions to the location.

January 2014 BoBOP

IMG_6299On January 20, 2014, Martin Luther King Day, 25 BoBoppers came together at the home of Kacey Johansing and enjoyed a rich hearty Polish cabbage soup, Kapusniak, prepared lovingly by Ilonka Wloch and her assistant Kazoo.  The soup was served with a delicious apple, beet and carrot salad and squash bread. Dessert was stuffed baked apples.  Highlights of the evening include a Polish introduction to the meal translated by Pawel Kruk, impromptu sing along around the piano and fire, and musical stylings from Kacey, Ryan, Jeff and Vanessa after the dishes were done. The cost of the ingredients for the dinner was $150.  Everyone was asked to contribute $6 to cover the expense.  Some folks contributed a bit more as we collected $170.  We now have $35 in our collective kitty.  What shall we do with it?  Stay tuned for news about next months dinner.  Coming soon.

January 2014

RSVP now for our Polish Dinner Feast up on the Mesa

We look forward to seeing you there– Monday, January 20, 5:30PM

Location and directions will be provided once you have RSVPd

December 2013


At_the_South_Pole,_December_1911BoBOP took the month of December off to contemplate the horizons of 2014.

Mark your calendar for January 20, 2014– BoBOP Polish Soup night on the Mesa.  Details coming first thing in the New Year.

November 2013 BoBOP


IMG_0094On Monday November 18th, 24 BoBOPers came together once again to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, this time it was at the home of Annemarie and Jacob, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The Moroccan inspired meal was created and realized by chef Charlie Callahan with the help of his two trusted sidekicks, Zoe and Amber.  We enjoyed roasted delicata squash with the perfect amount of Mediterranean spice, rice and special sauce, followed by a huge and delicious apple crisp and homemade melt in your mouth chocolate.  The cost of the ingredients equaled $160 so a $8 donation was requested.  Exactly $160 was collected.  Incredible food and more magical connections.

Next BoBOP: November 18, 5:30PM somewhere close to downtown

Must RSVP by November 15.  Seating is limited.

First-ever BoBOP– October 21, 2013

On Monday, October 21, 2013, twenty-four hungry curious BoBOPers came together and shared a delectable Indian squash curry, with tasty dahl, salad, a couple different chutneys, and apple pie up on Horseshoe Hill Road.  Jeff Manson was the lead chef and was assisted by Charlie Callahan’s deft chopping, Vanessa Waring’s special salad making magic, Melinda Stone’s pie-making mojo and Jeff Warrin’s eye for detail.  The suggested donation was $5-10/plate to cover the cost of the ingredients.  Thanks to the generosity of the night we now have $15 in the kitty for a BoBOP special treat for sometime in the future…

What is BoBOP?

b 5
BoBOP is an acronym for Bolinas Bring (your) Own Plate, but we also consider it a noun and a verb.  We invite you all to come BoBOP with us.

The first ever BoBOP takes place on Monday, October 21.  We will serve Squash Curry, Green Salad, and Apple Pie.  Location to be announced.