BoBOP is an acronym for Bolinas Bring (your) Own Plate.

Not an exclusive dinner club nor a free hand out either, BoBOP is a rambling dinner experiment open to all.

Each month a new menu, a new site, and you bringing your own plate.*

Each dinner will feature seasonal, locally sourced food.

The total cost of the dinner will never be extravagant and will be shared amongst the participants.  For example if the cost of the dinner ingredients is $300 and 30 people attend the meal, a suggested donation of $10/plate will be requested.

Excess donations will go to the BoBOP kitty and collectively we can decide what to do with the extra funds:  buy fancy ingredients for our next dinner, invite a professional chef to cook with us or… who knows, until we talk about it, over food of course.

If you wish to help out in any way please contact us.  We are always looking for cooks, sous chefs, choppers, washers, meal designers, dinner entertainers, and homes to gather in.

*bring utensils, drinking mug and your favorite libation too.


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