April 2015 – Another Fine Night at the ‘Shroom

Vaness and Otis

Vanessa and Otis

Tom,Sally and Joan-1

Tom, Sally and Joan

About 30 BoBOP folks gathered at the Mushroom House on Monday, April 20, thanks to Brett Poirier’s generosity in opening the doors to his incredible home, to enjoy our communal gathering and some tasty sangria and food made by Leo Seiler.  Leo was a bit late with the vittles but Brett came through with some delicious popcorn and folks enjoyed the time to dig in to conversations more deeply.  After popcorn we had a quinoa salad with mangos, guacamole and chips, followed a bit later by some chicken fajitas.  Mimi Calpestri led us in a prayer of thanks for the night’s food and our coming together to share the food.  Between courses folks enjoyed the warmth of the conversations and the chiminea out on the patio.  If anyone had room in their bellies, Leo offered up oodles of ice cream and sweet fried corn fritters dusted with cinnamon.

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