December 2014 – Paella in Downtown Bolinas

On December 9, forty BoBOP folks gathered at 11 Wharf Road, the downtown establishment of Tom Higgins, and were treated to a fine Spanish meal prepared by Doug Lee and Nuria Martinez, assisted by the ever-willing Jeff Warrin.  Doug and Nuria provided delicious hors d’oevres including manchego cheese, olives, sliced salami, and bread. This was accompanied by freshly found and sautéed porcini mushrooms that Brett shared with us.  Folks brought lots of wine and by 6:15 the place was abuzz with laughter, conversation and cheer.  Out back, Doug, Nuria and Jeff were stirring the main attraction of the night, seafood and chicken paella, with one of the biggest spoons I have ever witnessed, in one of the biggest paella pans I have ever seen.

 IMG_5326Nuria stirring onions, peppers, garlic and spices

IMG_4158Paella crew, Jeff, Nuria and Doug, proudly holding the largest spoon in Bolinas and surveying the beauty they created.

Back inside, salad mavens Vera and Meg, were putting the finishing touches on the Bolinas-bounty salad for the night, and folks were happily awaiting the paella which arrived with panache.


The flavors of Spain were alive that night.

Special thanks to Tom for hosting, Doug, Nuria and Jeff for mastering the paella, Vera and Meg for the salad, Brett for the foraged mushrooms, and Don, Mark and Ananda for helping to clean up afterwards.

Another fine BoBOP.

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