February 2015 BoBOP full of love at the Community Center

Sylvan and BeansOne of the youngest members of BoBOP inspects the beans for the evening’s meal

Another fine night we had at the community center.   Our large cozy dinners at the community center could become a wintertime standard.

markmegmelindaanandaMelinda, Mark, Meg and Ananda take a moment to pose while dressing polenta pizza

After the beans were deemed ready for seasoning the BoBOP cooking crew assembled at the community center kitchen around 1PM and began to prepare savory beans, various versions of polenta pie and pizza as well as large fresh salad and thumbprint cookies that were really in the shape of a fried egg.  Ananda Brady took the lead on Polenta Pizza while Melinda Stone orchestrated a creamy polenta casserole.  Both dishes featured fresh as can be green sauce made by Melinda. Meg Simonds and Mark Butler were chopping wizards who went to town on the bunches and bunches of young garlic and spring onions that were sauteed up to flavor the beans and all the polenta dishes.  Stephanie Hillborn brought her expertise in vegan cooking to the kitchen and provided us with fresh hemp milk  and homemade vegan cheese for the creamy polenta, as well as a delicious salad dressing.   StuArt Chapman became the official bean taster adding just the right amount of everything to make the beans (both veggie and meat) the perfect savoryness.  Stuart was also the compost middle man, always knowing exactly when Meg and Mark needed him to deliver the compost to the bin.  Wilma Kay came in just at the right time to help with carrots, grating some for the salad, while Mark and Meg chopped the rest, roasting them for the polenta casserole.  Wilma also helped Zoe Dering make the fabulous vegan thumbprint cookies with dates.  They really did look like fried eggs, but contained no eggs and were indeed some of the best vegan cookies ever.  Special thanks to Zach Fuller and his girlfriend Selena for setting up the tables and chairs and making the hall cozy.

stephanie in community kitchenStephanie admires polenta pizza while putting the final touches on the salad dressing

All of the vegetables for the night came from Star Route Farm.  Thanks to Annabelle for letting us place our order after the official deadline.  It won’t happen again.

Our goal was to serve 75 people a delicious organic and local-as-possible dinner, complete with dessert for $5.  We did it, with $10 to spare, which we gave to the community center because we love the BCC so much.  Thanks you guys.

Before and during much of the dinner we were treated to the musical stylings of Doug Lee and Ananda, with a couple cameos by Cadance Lynam.

After the fabulous dinner Mark Butler, Don Smith, Brett Poirier, Emmanuelle Waubant and her husband Peter made quick work of cleaning up and putting the center back to order.  Thanks to you all for helping out.

Next month we will be back to our peripatetic ways and will send a note to the group alerting them to where and when by first week of March.  Stay tuned.

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