February 24, 2014 BoBOP was delish

20140225_0433Our February 2014 chef, Zoe Dering, buttering up the camera.

Another fine evening was enjoyed by all 27 BoBOPers who came to share a delectable meal prepared by Zoe Dering and her trusted sous chefs, Miles and Chris.  Not only were we treated to creamy polenta with a hearty, vegetable-plenty ragu, toasted millet and garbanzo bean goodness, and massaged kale salad,  Zoe pulled out all the stops and baked a delectable pear upside down cardamom cake, presented to Jeff Manson as a birthday treat.


After dessert a hootenanny was had upstairs.

photo(5)all photos in this post (except this one, where he is featured singing and strumming) courtesy of Chris Miller

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