June BoBOP was kvasstic

photo-2Thanks to Kaitlyn Smith and Sean Hellfritsch BoBOP folks were treated to a super hearty bone broth based, cocounut, ginger soup infused with immunity boosting herbs, like reishi, astragalus, and oregon grape root; fresh as can be wood fired oven baked rye bread with heaping loads of butter; kvass (a fermented beet drink that helps digestion and tastes good too); and pudding like muffins made from bananas, dates, coconut/almond flour, topped with the first blackberries of the season and served with love.

BoBOP folks gathered at the oldest house in Bolinas and shared this delicious meal along with great stories– tales of the future and wonderful yarns from the past.  More great connections were forged.

Kaitlyn, Sean, Sylvan and muffins

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