September 22, 2014 – Magical Fall Equinox BoBOP

IMG_7276This special dinner took place at the homestead of Mark, Meg, Jeff, Vanessa and baby Otis– they grew all the food, processed it (corn was ground and beans were dried), and cooked it for us with love and dedication one could taste.

IMG_7281We ate around a fire pit surrounded by the abundance– the abundance of the last sunset of the summer season, the abundance of our community and of course the abundance of the garden. Dinner included heirloom tomato salad, cucumber, dill and yogurt delight, green salad, home-grown and ground polenta, and scarlet runner beans that we all could not stop talking about or eating for that matter.  And of course, the delectable fresh apple crisp with loads of vanilla ice cream… 

The cost of the ingredients to supplement the garden harvest came to $104.  If we divided that amongst the 30 attendees the cost of the dinner would have been around $3/each.  We decided instead to have each person pay between $5-10, with the proceeds going towards the homestead.  At the end of the night, $240 was collected from those assembled.  May the homesteaders buy seeds, garden implements or have a massage or two…

This night was dreamy and very special.  Thanks to Mark, Meg, Vanessa, Jeff and baby Otis.



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