March 2014 BoBOP was springtuous

photo 1We may not have eaten mushrooms as part of the meal but we ate inside of one.    Our host, Brett Poirier, opened up the doors to the famed mushroom house to 30 BoBOPPers on March 24 and all relished the special spot while enjoying a super springtime meal created by Juliette Delventhal.  Juliette, assisted by Pawel Kruk and Scott Hannan, brought together springtime’s bounty in these outstanding dishes:  Asparagus, English Peas, Mint and Parmesan Risotto, Baked Ricotta with Wild Nettles and Green Garlic, Roasted Carrots and Artichokes with Salsa Verde and robust salad greens with dill and radishes.  Scott topped off the night with Buckwheat chocolate cookies with a lemon cream dolop .  Yum.  The cost of the meal was $206 and $250 was donated from guests.  That brings the collective kitty to $80.  What do we want to do with this surplus?

photo 2

Inside the Mushroom House

Some guests enjoy a musical moment before dinner is served.

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