May 2014 – Back at Mushroom House with Eddie

The Mushroom House and Brett hosted BoBOP for a 2nd time as Brett’s good friend and retired restauranter, Eddie, was visiting from the East Coast and really wanted to cook for us.


Eddie making some roux

“Why not?” we proclaimed, and thus another fine evening of food and folk was experienced at the fabulous mushroom abode. Eddie served up a fantastically tasty turnip curry, niman ranch beef chili, cabbage and carrot salad that was out of this world full of flavor, rice and salad. To finish off the night Brett offered up various flavors of ice cream topped with strawberries. The cost of the dinner was $250 and the 25 folks in attendance each pitched in $10. Thanks Eddie for bringing your special gifts to BoBOP.


Dig in and enjoy



Thanks Brett for hosting yet again. And thanks for Erika for volunteering to help Eddie in the kitchen.

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