May BoBOP feeds the town chili at the community center


Meg twirls bo tierra salad in sheet, sprinkling passersby in freebox plaza: perhaps a rain making ceremony unbeknownst to us? FullSizeRender-1

This past Sunday, May 31st, just after the incredible town meeting hosted by BoCAN, BCLT and Mark Butler, BoBOP served chili, cornbread, salad and cookies to around 100 people.  A special shout out to the super wonderful crew in the kitchen who chopped, stirred, spiced, baked, invented, sauteed, storytold, and laughed throughout the day:  Meg, Stephanie, Cadance, Tina, Netta and Melinda; and John, who has a way of picking just the right goodness from Bo Tierra for us.  Thank you to the servers:  Peter, Sera, Emily, and Netta; and to Diane who collected money and doled out bowls when needed.  Thank you Mimi for blessing our food and our gathering.  Double extra thanks to the nice folks who tossed in some extra money at the end to cover our costs.  Thanks to everyone for your help cleaning up and special thanks to to our community center who generously opened our splendid kitchen and hall to us.

When we host dinners at the community center our goal is to feed everyone a delicious, semi-local and all organic meal for $5- just the right amount to cover the cost of the ingredients, which came to $507 on Sunday.


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