Mexican fiesta of goodness enjoyed July 2015

The food was so good, the company marvelous, no one remembered to take a photo to document the fantastic night at the edge of Bolinas.

We enjoyed Mirtha’s fantastic cooking, each other, the dramatic skies, and the welcoming comfort of our hosts:  Jennifer, Adolfo, Michelle, and Marla.

Special thanks to everyone who took part in making dinner:  Mirtha’s gifts with food are wondrous as her pulled pork tacos made with lovingly raised pigs and hand made tacos were proof.  Rosie was by Mirtha’s side all day stirring, chopping, laughing as she helped with the rice and beans.  Jennifer created a delectable salad and perfect guacamole. Adolfo magically whipped up the ceviche in moments.  It was an efficient, joyous kitchen for sure.

Thanks to all who attended and made the night memorable.

An image from this past month’s lottery system. IMG_1070


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