October 27, 2015 – Ramen Shop Prototype

IMG_3972Jeff Warrin has been dreaming quite a bit about pop up Ramen in Bolinas.   This was a very special  BoBoP as Jeff, with the help of Perry Shimon as sous chef and Vera Louie and StuArt Chapman as trusted choppers, realized a delicious ramen bowl.  Let this be the first of many such Ramen Shop nights in downtown Bolinas.

IMG_3975What you do not see in these pictures is the secret garden where the 25 BoBOP folks gathered to savor the ramen.  Thanks to Matt and Janice Yerrington for opening up their space and creating a magical setting for us.

We were also treated to a delicious salad made by Molly McGuire and her sons Apollo and Johnny, tossed with an incredible ginger dressing crafted by Vera Louie.  And last but not least Cadance Lynam took on the challenge to create a Vegan Pumpkin Custard and we all scored with her success.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this an amazing and delicious feast.  And an extra special thanks to the folks who helped set up and clean up:  the Yerringtons, Ananda Brady, Brett Poirer, Asia Wong, Jeff Warrin and Perry Shimon.

IMG_3979photo credit:  Vera Louie

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