STONE SOUP feed us all in soooo many ways

bobopjanuary2015Super cozy night of delicious soup and wonderful community– we did it together at our Bolinas Community Center.

Thank you to everyone who made our stone soup and desert night a tremendous success and extra special thanks to the folks who brought goodies from their pantry and garden to put in the soup and desert.  We had a great team in the kitchen who took the special stones found by Ananda Brady and spiced them up with the roots and greens they chopped.  A gigantic salad was also created in the kitchen, bread was sliced, and desert was lovingly made.  Meg Simonds, Vera Louie, Mark Butler, Matt Yerrington, Janice Yerrington, Zoe Dering, Ilonka Wloch and Melinda Stone not only made dinner for 75 they had a good time doing it.

We also had help making the community center feel like home – the young Yerringtons made a beautiful roaring fire and created a unique spiral-like table design complete with tablecloths, Ananda Brady and Doug Lee played jazz, Micah brought flowers, Joan Lamphier arranged them and Jeff Warrin dialed in the lights just so.

The night was an experiment.  After a year of dinners in different people’s homes in Bolinas, we decided to open it up a bit to ensure that no one would be turned away and the community center said yes to hosting us. Given this is the time of year when the larder is the most bare, I thought it would be interesting to see if we could make a stone soup together.  Folks brought kale, lemons and root vegetables from their gardens and we supplemented from Star Route and Gospel Flat.  We also stopped by the General Store for some meat, partook of olive oil and other essentials at the People’s Store and ordered lots of bread from Brickmaiden.  Because of the generosity of the community we spent only $250, which allowed us to charge only $5 for the dinner.  We knew 50 folks were coming for sure, so when 75 showed up, we gave the extra money collected to the community center.

And the thanks conclude with a big thank you to the clean up crew– Ilonk Wloch, Brett Poirier, Katie Weber and Blair.


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